Test: Apple iPod Touch, The Power Of An iPhone 6 In A High-End Player

After a few years of fallow and abandonment, the iPod touch always comes back as design but much more powerful. So powerful besides that it could be an iPhone 6 … without the 4G connection.
Apple iPod touch 128GB 2015: the promise
At a time when entry-level smartphones keep the promises that were reserved, there are one or two to high-end products. At a time when the prices of these devices are decreasing to the point of making them almost a product of everyday consumption – that is entrusted in any case with less and less reluctance to young adolescents. In short, at a time when the revolution initiated by the iPhone in 2007 has reached maturity, iPod touch still has a meaning? Or, in other words, is it worthwhile to buy it? We would be tempted to answer no and leave to enjoy the summer sun, but it would undeniably go too fast.

Apple iPod touch 128 GB 2015: the reality

To start smoothly, we notice that the exterior design of the most popular Apple Walkman changes little, with a disappearance and an appearance on the counter … It is the retractable wrist strap on the back of the case that says goodbye at the scene. And these are the colors that come under the spotlight. The now classic sidereal gray, silver and gold are there as well as a very bright pink, red and blue. The saturated electric blue having our preference.
The back is superbly colorful, but it’s still the front, and Retina screen that catches our attention … The four-inch diagonal may seem a little tight now that the iPhone has accustomed us to larger slabs.
But what we lose in comfort of the eyes, it is found in ergonomic comfort. The slim 6.1-mm-thick, 88-gram casing fits perfectly in the hand and offers ergonomics that no longer has to be proven – perfect for small children’s hands, you might say. Perfect for “normal” hands, which sometimes tend to let the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus a bit wide …

More powerful and multifunctional than a console

To think that the fit is only aesthetic would be a big mistake. Like filled cookies, the sixth generation iPod touch hides its wealth inside. It displays a configuration almost identical to the iPhone 6 – 1 GB Ram and Apple A8 chip at the helm – and ensures a significant power gain – not to say astronomical – compared to previous generations.
We will set the performance comparison between iPod touch 5G and 6G in a graphic that says a lot. With Geekbench 3, the new iPod is literally orbiting its opponent. For the processor part, imagine, it is 530% more powerful and 844% for the graphics part! You wondered if the games would be smoother and faster. The answer is yes. Undoubtedly, yes.
As for the comparison with the iPhone 6, the iPod touch does not have to blush. If its chip A8 is slightly under-clocked, at 1.1 GHz, against almost 1.4 GHz for the iPhone 6, the iPod touch is lucky to have a smaller screen. This allows it to do almost as well as Apple’s smartphone and sometimes even better, for some tasks particularly requested by the games. So our tests with Basemark II see the iPod touch do better than the iPhone in terms of graphics.

A good little game console, so. This is the title that can claim iPod touch. And those who hesitate between an iPod touch and an iPad mini to play can decide between them by taking a look at the results above. Because the iPod touch 2015 is always better than Apple’s tablet, which is extremely pleasant to use to play.

A very honest camera

Another point where the iPod touch works in the footsteps of the iPhone: the photo. Apple’s player adopts the same 8 Mpixels camera sensor. However, the Cupertino company has limited overall performance, photos, and videos. Thus the optics opens a little less, at f / 2.4 against f / 2.2 for the iPhone 6. And the camera only films in 30 frames / second in Full HD against 60 for the iPhone and only 120 i/sidle, against 240 for the smartphone … In short, it is a little bit less than Apple offers better, but the photographs are good, especially in bright light … The low lights quickly show noise and some chromatic aberrations, but that’s a lot of all these mobile devices.
A good walkman …
Finally, the iPod touch is still a very good audio player – which gives access obviously to Apple Music. However, we must bear in mind all the usual limitations at Apple, including the obligation to go through iTunes to synchronize its songs and the native support of certain file formats – damage to the Flac in particular. Limitations that will obviously have to be overcome by installing third-party applications … This is particularly true for video formats. And we will be well inspired to find a player at his feet to enjoy its Retina screen, pleasantly bright, at 519 cd / m2 (slightly higher than announced by Apple) and beautifully contrasted, with a measure to 1104: 1.
It will be fun to watch clips and movies when there is nothing bigger. The only real black spot, our tests of autonomy in video reading have put on our knees a little quicker to our taste. It took them a little over 5 hours to get through it. A little short and a little frustrating when you know that the iPhone 6 is 10h under the same conditions …

Anyway, like all iOS devices, the iPod touch gives its full potential when we found the applications that fit our needs.

… and a little more
Because, beyond the classic Web and Mail functions, the App Store and its cloud of uses is obviously the strength of this device. Instant messaging avalanche, editing tool per ton, social networks app as diverse as can be the users, everything is there …

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