Euclyde Data Centers: the French giant of data centers

Euclyde Data Centers: the French giant of data centers

Euclyde Data Centers is a French company specializing in the development and operation of data centers. It also offers hosting, connectivity and managed services solutions to support its customers throughout the duration of their projects. Find out everything you need to know about Euclyde Data Centers and its different solutions.

The French company Euclyde, founded in Antibes Sophia Antipolis in 2004 , specializes in the deployment of high availability neutral Data Centers . Thirteen years after its foundation, Euclyde has managed to create a network of five Data Centers distributed between Antibes Sophia-Antipolis, Besançon and Lyon .

In total, its data centers cover an area of ​​7,000 square meters, and host 21,000 servers. The company currently brings together more than 120 customers , including several large groups from various industries such as pharmacy, transport, insurance or banking.

What are the different Euclyde Data Centers?

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Euclyde’s first Data Center, Euclyde DC1, was inaugurated in 2009. It is the very first public Data Center of Tiers 4 in France . It is based in Antibes Sophia-Antipolis, and represents an area of ​​3,500 m² including 1,500 m² of computer rooms. Thanks to its high availability design, this data center is capable of hosting very high electrical density systems such as HPC (High Power Computing) infrastructures. The bays are arranged as standard 2 × 32 Amps (7.4 Kva).

The Euclyde DC2 Data Center, based in Besançon, is a 3+ third-party data center that covers 600 square meters. It was inaugurated in 2012. Note that this is the first Data Center in the world to be equipped with EcoBreeze technology , allowing it to cool in free-cooling 345 days a year.

Indeed, Euclyde Data Centers makes it a point of honor to evolve as an eco-responsible company . In 2012, the firm thus subscribed to EDF’s kWh Equilibre offer in order to contribute to the development of renewable energies and non-polluting technologies for electricity production.

The Euclyde DC3 Data Center, inaugurated in 2013, is located in Valbonne Sophia Antipolis and covers 3000 m². It is a 3+ third-party data center. The customers of this Data Center can set up solutions in synchronous inter-site replication and deploy Business Continuity Plans. This DC3 is interconnected in double supply to the DC1 via the private network operated by Euclyde.

The DC5 is Euclyde’s most recent Data Center. It is a 3+ third-party data center, spanning 2,000 square meters. Based in Villeurbanne, this DC5 was created by Euclyde to support companies in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region .

Euclyde Data Centers: what are the different services and solutions of the company?

Euclyde Data Centers is above all a developer and operator of Data Centers. However, it does not just offer a colocation service. The company meets all the needs of its customers by offering a wide range of services to support them in all stages of their projects. Thus, Euclyde solutions and services are divided into three categories: hosting, connectivity, and managed services .

In the hosting field, Euclyde Data Centers mainly offers a server colocation service within its Data Centers . It also offers a flexible cloud computing hosting service. Users can choose between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud . Finally, Euclyde offers business recovery and business continuity plans to ensure the availability of its customers’ information systems.

In terms of connectivity, Euclyde also offers several solutions to allow its customers to interconnect their infrastructures and IS with a large number of operators. Customers can also choose the multi-operator IP transit solution . This bandwidth service relies on a minimum of 4 operators to guarantee maximum service availability. Euclyde also operates its own local loop in Sophia Antipolis . With the SpeedLink local fiber network, customers can enjoy secure and efficient connectivity at a maximum speed of 40 Gbps.

Finally, with regard to managed services , Euclyde offers data backup and restore services, outsourced SAN storage, managed network, and infrastructure condition monitoring. Euclyde also provides technical support to its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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