DiabiLive: a powerful tool for viewing and monitoring diabetes

DiabiLive: a powerful tool for viewing and monitoring diabetes

Chronic diseases continue to increase. Among them, diabetes affects more and more people. The startup MirambeauAppCare has created a DiabiLive diabetes monitoring application to manage, regulate, learn and discuss the disease.

By C├ęcile Morvan.

If there are exponential numbers on the rise, it’s diabetes. Indeed, the WHO estimates that this pathology will be the 7th cause of death in the world in 2030. What are the forms of diabetes? How to try to live peacefully with?

We can classify this pathology under two main forms:

Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) which represents about 10% of patients. It generally affects young people: children, adolescents and adults under the age of 30.
Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes appears more frequently in people over 40 years of age.
Living with diabetes is not always easy
This chronic disease requires staying alert. In recent years applications to better manage the disease appear. Whether it’s calculating carbohydrates or helping control blood sugar, they can improve the patient’s daily life.

Live your illness better with new applications like DiabiLive

Among them, DiabiLive is a small nugget. The application offers a complete follow-up of the patient by calculating his insulin dose according to his drug prescription and his daily activities.

This class IIb medical device is equipped with a super calculator capable of prescribing precisely the right amount of insulin to take daily. To do this, the patient must enter all the parameters concerning his current blood sugar, the carbohydrates consumed and the physical activity performed.

The history compiling two years of data makes it possible to analyze the evolution of diabetes. A dashboard displaying a 30-day report of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia is offered with alerts and a summary of the day including the number of carbohydrates consumed and the time of the next insulin.
To avoid having to write everything down in its self-monitoring diary, DiabiLive takes all the information entered in the application (meal, physical activity, constants) thus allowing the diabetologist to be able to optimize medical follow-up.

Optimization of monitoring by healthcare professionals

If DiabiLive is for patients, health professionals are not forgotten. The DiabiLive application is also a remote monitoring solution for monitoring diabetic patients in real time . A prescription module supports them, whatever the patient and the type of protocol. Thus, the aggregation of all the patient data in the reports makes it possible to better follow and understand the physiology of each.

Don’t be alone in the face of illness

Exchange, share, transmit information and one of the possibilities of the application which has a community platform. Relatives can access the patient’s dashboard, but also interact geo-localized with people suffering from the same disease or caregivers and caregivers.

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But the information concerning the disease does not stop there since DiabiLive gives access to numerous articles through a library, a mega base of international news relating to pathology.

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