Abandonment of the Tor Cloud project

Abandonment of the Tor Cloud project

The announcement was made in early May 2015, Tor Cloud is abandoned. The reason for this abandonment is simple: there is a lack of developers ready to take care of the project.

Tor Cloud, how did it work?

The Tor network makes it possible to anonymize users’ internet requests . With Tor, requests bounce from one place to another, so it’s impossible to know their real origin. The requests are in fact anonymous.

Launched in 2011, Tor Cloud offered users to bypass censorship in countries where the Tor project was blocked . It therefore offered the possibility for users to navigate safely around the world. Tor Cloud was however configured so as not to exceed 40GB per month.

Amazon EC2

In technical terms, Tor Cloud aimed to configure relay machines by extending the overall bandwidth of the Tor project . This was done via the platform EC2 cloud of Amazon , Tor Cloud offered the opportunity to develop bridges (bridges) on that platform. Thanks to these bridges, Tor Cloud made it possible to reduce network collisions and increase security and confidentiality for users.

Tor Cloud, the causes of abandonment

Like any computer software or device and the Internet, Tor Cloud required maintenance. It is because of this lack of maintenance and more particularly a lack of developers interested in the project that Tor Cloud was abandoned. The project had ” high priority ” bugs that could affect user security, said the team in charge of the Tor project.

Tor Cloud was simple to handle, but as the creators said in their ad, the mechanism ” was completely dysfunctional and knew a dozen other bugs “. These problems could be solved if developers wanted to join the project, the team had been looking for new collaborators for several months. Lack of resources Tor Cloud is therefore abandoned.Tor cloud

In 2014, Tor Cloud experienced a decline that continued its course this year. The company identified more than 400 active nodes in 2013 against only 100 this year .

Tor states, however, that the tools already online will not be affected by this incident . It is also possible for those interested to fork the project thanks to the Tor Cloud code and Amazon’s EC2 Cloud platform . Finally, Tor particularly encourages developers to support other projects fighting internet censorship using the cloud.

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